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Institutional Investors 

What are your headwinds?

How well is your organisation demonstrating your ESG credentials, your approach to ethics, and your position on climate change to your customers and supply chain?

How well is your organisation realising the strategic value of investing ethically?

How well is your business/organisation adapting to the increased pressure to include ESG and sustainability in statutory reporting?

Is your organisation embracing ESG in most areas but still defaulting to traditional investments (Big 4 banks, traditional fund managers, etc.) when investing capital?

Has your organisation participated in a tender and seen a significant increase in ESG, ethics, and sustainability questions?

Are you concerned that your organisations risk appetite statement doesn't factor in how ethical (or not) your capital is invested?


Your responses to one of more of these probably mean you're in the right place. We are here to help your organisation invest with purpose and to make a difference, not just a profit.

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We can coordinate initiatives to maximise awareness on ESG matters


We can help you demonstrate your ESG credentials to your customers and shareholders


We can assist with your reporting on sustainability in your statutory reporting

Active Stewardship

We can be active stewards and assist you with your decision making in the ethical/ESG space