Our Ethical Approach

We carefully screen our investments to ensure our portfolio is as ethical as it can be. This means that you can invest and rest easy knowing that you're in a truly ethical and ESG compliant fund.

Wild Nature

What we invest in:

  • We’re taking serious action to limit global warming.

  • We invest in companies that seek renewable energy (solar, wind, tidal, geothermal and sustainable hydro), and strive for greater energy efficiency.

  • We invest in healthcare because it enables people to live longer, healthier lives.

  • We invest in technology because the pace of our world is only getting faster. 

  • We invest in logistics and transportation as they're are integral for the supply chain.

  • All of the investments within our portfolio are rigorously screened.

Wild Nature
Trash on Beach
Trash on Beach

What we don't invest in: 
(and it's a long list!)

  • We avoid companies that restrict human rights, exploit workers or discriminate.

  • We avoid unnecessary harm to animals.

  • We exclude pork products.

  • We do not invest in live export.

  • We exclude all fossil fuel company investments.

  • We exclude the major banks

  • We generally avoid investment in the mining sector.

  • We do not invest in companies operating detention centres.

  • We won’t invest in companies discriminating against indigenous people.

  • We avoid companies operating in occupied or disputed territories where they are supporting illegitimate government control of those territories.

  • We avoid investment in companies that discriminate.

  • We do not invest in companies that unnecessarily create, encourage or perpetuate militarism or engage in the manufacture of armaments.

  • We don’t invest in the alcohol industry, including brewers, distillers, wine makers and pubs.

  • We don’t invest in nuclear.

  • We don’t invest in tobacco companies.

  • We don’t invest in the gambling industry.

  • We don’t invest in companies which produce pornography.